Dec 01, 2022

Do blind people dream?|Interesting facts|

What are dreams?

Dreams are stories or different sorts of images our mind creates while we are sleeping. Types of dreams vary among different individuals. They can be

1. Fun






•Everyone, including toddlers dream between 3 to 6 times per night.

•It is estimated that 95 percent of dreams are forgotten as a person gets out of a bed.

•One advantage dream carries is that it can help you develop long-term memories.

•Many dreams are bizarre as many individuals can’t control them.

•Dreams are moving pictures.

•Most people see colors in their dreams and 12percent claimed to have dreams without any certain color.

•Mostly soft color dreams have occurred to individuals.

•Blind people dream more.

Now, this is a contradicting statement about blind people that they dream more as they have inactive sight sensors and it is a truth scientifically proven.


Although, people who get blind after a birth dream because dreams are produced by the brain, they have some memories from the real world stored in their brain and the fact is blind people also dream, and it is proven by scientists through the following interpretations.

Blindness results because of impairment in optic nerves of individuals or disorders in the eyes, but their brain is still circuiting, still sending impulses and they can dream. They can visualize different signals during sleeping but can’t interpret what they saw as no connection between their optical nerves and brainoccurs.

If you ask any blind what they saw in a dream, they won’t able to explain it to anyone as they have never visually experienced that in real life. Images are produced by some other sensations in them like sound, touch, and smells. They usually don’t see a proper image but a spot or vivid image of several entities correlating meaningful with other senses, do involve in their dreams.  


NIGHTMARES are dreams which are scary and disturbing, caused by watching or experiencing something scary, sleep deprivation, medication side effects, etc. 

LUCID DREAMS means when you are aware that you are in a dream. Such Individuals can control their dreams too.

DAYDREAMS are dreams which occur when a person is awake while dreaming. Individuals are physically but not mentally present in a certain place while daydreaming.

RECURRING DREAMS are those which repeat several times. A person’s mind doesn’t want to get out of that situation or much worried about certain things,so they get repeated frequently.

FALSE AWAKENING occurs when a person thinks he is awake, but he is dreaming. Such people misjudge their dreams as a reality and get happy if it’s good and feels annoyed or unhappy if it's bad.

PROPHETIC DREAMS predict the future. A person dreams about something which is about to happen in the future. 

People with strong imaginations usually have vivid dreams means they exactly remember their dream after it is ended.

So, it is concluded that dreams do occur, people, who say they don’t dream and just forget about their dreams mean they might have short-term memory. 

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