Dec 01, 2022

10 strong suggestions, how money can buy unlimited happiness5


Different beliefs about Money

Well, different people have different beliefs regarding how earning more money would buy them more happiness. In my personal opinion, money can buy happiness to a certain level. The only key is to use/spend it properly. Many people have the perception that money can't buy happiness as they prioritized their good relations, mental peace, and calmness over having a handful of money that is by the way correct emotionally. And many are blindly running after money to get satisfaction. Both are somehow wrong and need a variation in their thoughts. One needs to balance both the factors of life efficiently with a sharp mind. Money is essential to be happy as basic needs are fulfilled in a more luxurious form but only having money and not mental satisfaction, is not enough as well. However, to keep going with the luxuries of life, to have the better shape of basic needs, to keep themselves in a race of well-known, well-established people, everyone needs money. But the point here is that happiness stays up to a limit and eventually gets fades as a man is never ever satisfied, he will search for an even better life which will bring more stress and anxieties in life. But one can tackle the situation by following the ten basic key points which will help people to balance their happiness with money. 

10 strong suggestions to buy happiness from money you have:

10-Don't overthink what you actually want. Spend on items you need. Spend it wisely

9-Don't allow it to open the doors of stress by indulging completely in making more money than you had, when you were poor. 

8-Don’t show off your rich lifestyle to people beneath, as every pride has a fall. Appreciate everyone's struggles as you were in their place at some point of your life. 

7-Never rethink about the complications of past, enjoy the present. And stop being worried about the future.

6-Don’t depend on money only, for long term happiness, look for emotional doors (family) also.

5-Some people earn more money to save more. Yeah I know, saving is equally important but first spend it on yourself to make you satisfied as in the end you have earned it for yourself.

4-Never ever let anyone empty-handed from your door step when you got enough resources to help them as one day you will be seen off with the deeds you got, not the money.

3-Making money and sitting on sofa is not worth it as it is what you were doing before too. If you can afford, you should move to certain beautiful places as they are big source of calmness and pleasure too.

2-Never compromise on your relationships, even if you are richer. You should respect and care more even.

1-If you think, you have made enough money to be the happier person, stop there, more hustle will lead you to more stress.

I think now you are able to make a conclusion that which belief to believe on. Happiness can knock on your doors when you are able to balance it with all the factors of your life. 

Laiba Aftab

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