Nov 30, 2022

Top 10 easier and quicker solutions to treat Depression?


It is basically a disorder linked with fluctuating moods which causes a feeling of sadness, anxiety, and loss of interest. Depression actually is a very serious matter which doesn’t apply to a specific person. Depression has nothing to do with your identity, it can grab every human being. A depressed person always feels helpless, and hopeless and fights with himself, often trying to kill himself.

Some people caneasily suffer through depression and become normal which is referred to as normal depression but some have to go through a major outburst of depression, known as major depression. Two major kinds of depression are

 Clinical depression (constant depression, where a person just wants to be cut off from his life).

Manic depression (mood fluctuations that make a person feel depressed)


Depression can be a result of a lot of reasons a person faces daily:

1. Lack of attention by other mates

2.No success in any field

3.Death of a favorite person

4.Lack of fulfilling some desires

5.Stress from home

6 Stress from job/ Institutions

7. Concerning different diseases

There are a lot more reasons, which will exceed the limit of one page, so we will stop here. These are actually the common ones.


Depression can actually kill a person. It eats a person from the inside. His first fight with himself, cut his relationship off with everyone. Doesn’t take part in any activity. Loose interest in his life. Often slaps himself to cope with it. Eventually, when all the doors of getting normal get shut, he kills himself. Yes, depression kills.

There are a lot ofcases around the world in which depression murdered people. Killing a person is very very serious, that is why it comes under the category of major disease. It should be treated on time. No idea about treating it? Don’t worry, I got the best, quickest and easiest solutions for you:

10. Love yourself

 Love yourself unconditionally, you will be with you always. It’s obvious that your soul will stick to you always, it will definitely not betray you in any case. It trusts you that you will not hurt it by indulging in unnecessary stress and depression.

Let’s not just hurtyour soul by breaking its trust in you. Treat yourself better by loving YOU only. It’s probably the quickest remedy maybe your doctor not tell you but it is worth a lot and unconditional actually.

9. You are enough for yourself

If no one is listening to you, always have in mind: that you are enough for yourself, you have the capability to make yourself happy. Who knows who will stay with them together? Time changes, and your circle containing your people changes.

Never ever wait for someone who just doesn’t get bothered about your stresses, who just not was there in your troubles, the one who always turned his face around seeing you weep. If they were not around you in your worst times, they don’t deserve you in your best. The only soul who deserves you in your happiness is You. You are the best and irreplaceable companion to yourself. Just have faith that, you need you.

8. Don’t stress out easily

Don’t stress out easily, think about the solution to every problem as every complication has its way out. Many people just sit down and start weeping or crying when they face only small trouble wandering right into their lives.

They just give up, without even thinking of a solution for a span of a minute or two. They just surrender.  It’s shocking how people can be so coward that they don’t even handle a small glitch in their lives by their own. Indulging into stress and then weeping for years, living in it is solely their fault. It may sound harsh but the force which dragged you to stressful conditions is you.

Not taking the right steps at the right times and just grieving in front of other people put you in this door of depression, which is locked so tight, and once a person falls in here, it demands a lot of patience and works on yourself to get out of there. Try not to even move close to this door.

7. Never say yes to Degradation

Never ever be with a person who actually degrades you, in any moment of your life. If you are a teenager and you are locked in this hell of depression’s door, you are just chilling and hanging out with persons who actually demean you.

They mock you. You just laugh as it makes them happy but what about your happiness dear? Is it lost somewhere? You can find it by just cutting them off from your life. This step may lead you to certain circumstances like they will hurt you even with more people, they may look at you like someone looking at his enemy or hater.

But this will lasts for some time and everyone will actually forget. But the important thing, which will stay forever is your trust in yourself, which you did when you were distancing from them. It will save you from scars on your soul which can't be erased, which would get darkened and darkened if they were around.

 6. Positive thinkinghelps

Try to always think about the best moments, you have experienced in your life. Everyone had the best moments in their lives whether for only one or two. Try to think of them again and again, live them again. If they made you happy then, they will definitely cheer you up now.

Have a deeplook, what were actually the reasons behind your happiness? Why you were this lively at that time? Then practice them again, this will bring a smile to your face, actually. And if you are thinking about losing the people who made you happy, try to find new ones.

As it is said, there are seven looks alike of each person, you may find one after a bit of hard work. Replace the old ones with new ones, but this time choose wisely. Pick those who will actually be available for you at your worst and be your cheerleader at your best too.

5. Skip medicines

Many of you will get annoyed by the heading above, but it’s actually true that more medicines will lead you to more problems in your life as they got side effects with them too which are actually harsher than the actual disease. It doesn’t mean that one should just skip all the medicines and never go to doctors, psychiatrist but if they actually get the reason behind your depression, they will definitely prescribe more soul freshening tactics rather than medicines.

Taking some important medication is really necessary but consuming a lot will hurt your soul more. Try the tactics and powerful techniques in this whole article rather than going for an uneasy medication routine.

4. Try to engage

Try to engage with the chilliest company out there. A lot of people are introverts and don’t get involved with a lot of people but if you are actually having a bad time and you can’t heal it by yourself for whatever reasons.

Try to chill with people who are actually the happiest in their lives. Depressed people will only increase your disease but lively souls will freshen your body and soul too. And if you find it effective, try to drag those few really depressed ones also. They will be thankful to you. Hanging out with people with zero toxicity will definitely purify you from this toxic germ known as depression.

3. Talk with toddlers

This treatment may sound stupid but it actually works. Talk with babies or toddlers. It’s obvious they will hardly understand your words and will stare at you like you are an unsolved misery or something but their unstoppable smiles and jiggles will refresh you too until and unless they cry. But it’s true that babies actually have a beautiful attribute of changing a person’s bad mood into a better one.

2. Never hate yourself

Never ever pass the feeling of hating yourself into your body. This feeling is not a bit deserved by your soul. Don’t blame yourself for getting into a state of anxiety or depression. You definitely had made wrong decisions but degrading yourself will only help in sticking your feet more tightly in this state. The blame game doesn’t work here, and you hating the person (you), will only stress you more rather than making solutions for it.

1. Burst your feelings out

If you are depressed,try to talk to your closest people, and burst every word out that actually is killing you inside. But attributes of those people, which should be checked here involve

1.  They are not judgmental

2.  They never mocked you

3.  They didn’t betray you

4.  They are trustworthy

5.  They are happiest when you are happy

If all these boxes arechecked then it’s a big yes for you to just take the time and have a few words with them. They will definitely make you easy and will push you out of this darkened environment soon or a bit later.


All these 10 solutions or techniques will help you a lot as they are organic and all they need is your attention and sincerity for treating this annoying disease known as depression.


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