Dec 03, 2022

What will happen to you after death? |10 scary facts|

Death is certain!

You can surely not live in this world forever, doesn’t matter how strong you hold a place in this world. You have to die, there is no choice. Some people really get afraid, thinking about their death but some are really waiting for it to exceed in a more peaceful and beautiful environment waiting for them after death. That’s their belief and we cannot question it.

Many people stillfascinate death and want to get more interesting knowledge lying in a basket of dead bodies. Are you one of them? So let’s pour more facts into your limited knowledge about death. The facts are scary as well as must-know. The purpose is not to make you get scared of death but to provide you with the facts, you might wish you would know earlier. So scroll down to get an insight into what will actually happen to you after you die:

What will happen after death? Scary!

1.  A human head remains alive for 20 seconds after getting decapitated. It is strange as well as scary too. You must not consider a person with no head as dead for almost 20 seconds. Sounds crazy!

2. There are around 300 bodies, kept in frozen nitrogen in the US, in order to give a chance to scientists to make them alive again.  A dead person is surely unaware that his body is being tested in unlimited ways.

3. A dead body decomposes four times faster in water than on land. This fact must reside in the properties water hold which allows for faster decomposition. It is a fact and scary for relatives of people buried on land which is allowing its components to dissolve much more slowly.

4.You may want your nails to grow longer and hair thicker in your life but this is the fact that is unlocked after death. You may not need them now but yes they do exhibit that property.

5.Let me scare you a bit more! It’s never ever the factor of age which decides your death but it's all the diseases you carry with you or your sudden move which allows you to meet your death.

6.  Scientists can tell the year when a person died. And how they do it will shock you. Just by examining insects crawling around the body. It is a fact, that insects and other species will have full control of you as if you are their personal property. Those insects which you always give a jerk to the ground.

7. It was a belief back then that a freshly dead body executed is good for health and people used to drink that by spending some coins.

8. A man never lives forever. He has to say goodbye to this world at any age, at any time. But there is a jellyfish named Turritopsis Dohrnii which can live eternally.

9 I am sure the fact I am disclosing right now will leave you with a jerk of terror. According to a study, 7000 people die because of doctors’ handwriting annually. Can you believe it? The handwriting of a person is a reason for someone’s death. It is scary

10. If you are a lefty then skip this. Because it is an estimated fact that left-handed people die 3 years earlier than righties. While who are both, they may fluctuate between these two conditions.

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